Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 17: Forgiveness

I feel angst for the waste and needs of the world. Selfish and powerful people are certainly responsible for much suffering. Who are these villains? Can Peace Month be a chance to forgive the wicked?

These people will probably never see their errors. Indeed, they'll likely use deceit, malice and savagery to their last breath. Isn't it foolish to acquiesce to their aggressiveness? Shouldn't such rot be identified, exposed, and eradicated? Appeasement simply makes us accomplices.

It would be wonderful if somehow the suffering generated by foolish sociopathic behavior could be recognized by the guilty. There are surely paths to conversion. But what might force reflection on wrongs?

Some such people might respect their family, their mother, close friends, etc.

Practicing satyagraha is a key step, "holding fast to truth" and refusing to assist what's wrong. Justice should ultimately prevail. Yet each of us also decides our own action(s), and inaction is an active choice. Each has responsibility for promoting his or her own understanding of justice. Amidst such a clamor, foundations for communication & peace are important.

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