Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 7: Commiseration

Suffering is easy to find. Many people suffer now. History reports all kinds of suffering; more occurred unreported. But speak of suffering with other people... Many people have a particular outrage or theme which fires passion. Other violations merely trigger a pre-existing wrath. The point is made: "we have suffered" - and the topic shifts... most sufferers now subordinated.

If our world were examined by outsiders, surely our tribal allegiances would give cause for wonder. We carry in our heads perennial themes, arguments & visions. Though led to war, our allegiances are seldom questioned or doubted. Indeed, we're deceived by narrow alternatives: if not "a" then "b" or "c" or "d"... when our true choices are far wider: if not "a" then meadow, or laughter, or puppy, or patience...