Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peace Month (& Ramadan) start 22nd August

Well, the Islamic Association in Stockholm has determined that Ramadan starts here on 22nd August. So tomorrow (21st) is a day of preparation... I'm rather happy, because I've the Swedish Veteran Athletics Championships tomorrow, competing in two events (shotput and discus); it will be nice to drink water - I'll cherish every drop!

I found an online timetable of Stockholm times for Fajr & Maghrib (dawn & dusk) at:

Another website is at:

Once the format for Peace Month is clear, there perhaps may be little need to consider Islam & Ramadan... but for every day I fast, one billion others also are fasting. I reckon I'll feel some solidarity, especially as the rest of the world will be largely oblivious to our efforts at sacrifice, self-learning, and peace.

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