Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 4 of Peace Month: Snacks?

Today I must do something more active for Peace. What will it be?

For the moment, my observation is about snacking & eating. After working awhile, I need a break (in part because my computer is setup at chest level & I mostly work in a standing position). At break time I'd normally wander for a hot drink or some food. ...yet now I'm fasting... But clearly the driver isn't hunger or thirst, but rather wanting a change of scene, to have a break, to do something else for awhile. This understanding offers possibilities: setup a meditative corner, and an exercise station, and deliberately bypass mere habitual munching.

Eating & drinking are also of course often very social activities. Lunch meetings and coffee time, as well as breakfast with my pretty wife, are quite different when one party is not eating at all... Having someone just hanging about, even if not hungry, dampens the gusto of friends & other diners...

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